These Three Things Can Prevent You Losing Mass Muscles

Muscle growth is certainly a thing that many people look forward to. Because, with the muscles that are formed will usually make their appearance more intense, and make them become stronger. Many people do workout to muster their muscles. Before the workout was done, many of them even took nitric oxide supplements. The content that is in it can make the formation of muscles the maximum.

In addition to the muscles that must be formed, you should also pay attention to the muscle mass. there are some ways you can do not to lose your muscle mass.

1. Protein Consumption
Proteins are known as nutrition that plays a role in the regeneration of damaged cells, including muscle cells. A person who consumes 90 grams of protein source every mealtime has better muscle growth.

2. Avoid Alcohol Consumption
Alcohol may interfere with the production of new muscle proteins and may also affect the process of repair and strengthening of muscle fibers.

3. Increase Sports Intensity
Jhika has been exercising regularly, so try to train resistance that starts focusing on specific muscles, such as legs, waist, abdomen, and chest.