Some of the causes of a painful toothache

In addition to cavities, tooth pain can also be caused by many things. We’d like to share with you some of the most common dental causes of a painful toothache that you should know. Meanwhile, don’t forget to visit the dentist Markham if you want to prevent such a painful dental problem.

1. Sensitive teeth

Having sensitive teeth can be a cause of your frequent pain in the teeth. Usually, people who have sensitive teeth will feel sharp pain every time you eat or drink something hot or cold. Sensitive teeth can be caused by gum recession (gum line recedes to cause tooth root surface to open) or tooth enamel thinning. In addition, dental care such as rotten teeth removal, braces or dentures, can also cause your teeth to become sensitive.

2. Youngest teething

In many cases, growing wet teeth will usually make your teeth hurt. The youngest teeth often grow in unwanted positions or jostle in a place that is too crowded, so it can cause a throbbing pain that is accompanied by a sudden sharp pain.

3. Gum disease

People who have gum disease are very susceptible to a toothache. Gum disease occurs due to the buildup of dental plaque around the gums. This makes your gums inflamed. Inflammation caused by bacteria in plaque can be painful because it causes your gums to swell, red, and bleed. If this condition persists, you will experience gingivitis.

When already exposed to gingivitis, you are at risk of developing a more serious gum disease and will increase your chances of experiencing repeated dental pain.