Vitamin C and water are your health’s best friends

Do you like eating oranges? This fruit contains many vitamin C that can increase the activity of NK cells. One function of NK cells is to prevent the onset of cancer. In the meantime, you may go to and find a good supplement which defends your body from many diseases.

In addition to NK cells, neutrophil performance is also more optimal. This cell is part of the white blood that can restore and prevent infection. Vitamin C also strengthens the lymphocytes so the body is able to detect the presence of viruses and harmful bacteria.

Then, what fruit has the highest vitamin C content? One guava contains 200 mg of vitamin C, while oranges are only 59-83 mg. That is, you can consume guava as a substitute for oranges.

Besides, have you ever felt tired even though you are not on the move? One reason is less drinking water. Reported from the site, lack of fluids can lead to a weak body.

Therefore, try to drink water at least 8 glasses a day. This habit effectively establishes the immune system in the body.