Front light and oval light techniques in Photography

Front lighting technique for lighting photography that uses the direction of light coming from the photographer. The light that comes face-to-face with the area that is the main focus of the photo object, will produce full illumination. In the meantime, you can visit to buy excellent phone accessories for your selfies.

The deficiencies used from the use of this headlight technique is the main object will seem flat or without dimensions. The advantages made by using this front light technique that we can obtain information collected by objects that think portrait.

In addition, the technique of Oval Light also you can try. This technique in photography is lighting that uses a 45ยบ angle from the direction of the position of the photographer or about 3/4 of the status of the photographed object. The characteristic of this oval light technique is to bring up the dimension of the object without losing the color it enters.

This technique is widely used in the studio and is known by the name of Rembrandt light or lip. Usually used a reflector to assist in shooting with this lighting technique.