Some tips for making yourself comfortable during a long flight

Imagine, you will be on a plane for a dozen hours and can not take a shower or change frequently as often. Therefore make sure you wear comfortable clothes when you are going to do long-haul flights. In addition, although airlines usually provide blankets for passengers, you should also bring a jacket with a hoodie that can protect your head from the wind from the air conditioning above. Apart from that, don’t forget to follow the rules for keselamatan keamanan penerbangan as well.

Avoid excessive coffee and alcohol

In long-haul flights, you want to be able to sleep soundly so you do not experience excessive jet lag when arriving at the destination. Coffee and alcohol can keep you awake and cannot even sleep. If you need caffeine intake, try drinking green tea that has lower levels of caffeine than coffee. Meanwhile, if you are the type of person who just can sleep after drinking alcohol, make sure that the amount is not excessive, so you can sleep soundly, and instead of dizziness and vomiting in the bathroom.

Bring something that can be done, read, or played during a flight

Long-haul airlines usually provide in-flight entertainment or in-flight entertainment. You can watch movies, listen to songs, and play games through the TV screen in front of you. But if you get bored, it’s good to bring your own entertainment, be it books, magazines, movies, or jobs to fill your time during the plane.