The meaning behind the logos of the big teams in Premier League

Arsenal: Probably many already know, the cannon images on the Arsenal logo depict the actual war tool of the arms warehouse in former wartime, which was the starting headquarters of the Gunners themselves. In the meantime, check out the latest Arsenal transfer news if you want to know the newest updates from The Gunners.

Liverpool: The eternal flame on both sides is a memory for those who died in the Hillsborough tragedy. The carving at the top is Bill Shankly’s Gate. The Liver Bird is the symbol of the city, also describing the mystical creatures as a form of evolution of Liverpool in the 20th century.

Manchester City: Without much to know, the original City logo is similar to that used next season and not the big eagle we know. The ship describes the city of Manchester as a center of commerce passing. The three blue strips below the ship represent the three rivers, Irwell, Medlock and Irk. The red rose is the epitome of Manchester. And after changing the logo for the third time this year, the year of this club, 1894, for the first time embedded into the logo.

Manchester United: The ship’s image is HMS Manchester, taken from the city’s emblem. The figure of the Red Devil itself is taken from a phrase popularized by and in the era of Sir Matt Busby. Just info, before

Chelsea: The blue lion represents the Earl of Cadogan, the Cadogan noble family who has traditionally served the British imperial army. 8th Stage, Charles Cadogan, had been president of Chelsea in the 1981/1982 season. The red rose symbolizes England.