The “Swing” mode in your AC can make the room cooler

That is, in indoor AC there must be leaves that can be open and closed when the AC is turned on and off. Well, that you please arrange for the leaves keep moving down and up. How to set it up quite easily, namely by using the remote control AC itself. Meanwhile, you can also visit if you need the trusted experts to fix your AC professionally.

On the AC remote please press the Swing button or on a certain remote also written switch speed. Then you push the search until the choice of swing leaves continue to move up and down in a slow manner. If you have met, then leave it in the position of choice.

Actually this is also to support the setting on point 2 earlier, ie for the wind air blowing can be more evenly distributed throughout the room. That way, surely the cold will be more durable and can be consistently maximum.

Well, that’s somehow to set the remote AC to be cooler which of course must be supported with the condition of AC is always excellent. As for example, normal compressor machine alias is not problematic, freon full pressure, and also cleanliness of air conditioner always awake.

I must also remind you that the guidance on how to configure AC remote above applies to all brands. Including Sharp, Panasonic, Daikin, LG, and other AC brands.